Value Multiplier

We are extremely passionate to work with entrepreneurs to formalize your value around the core talents. Market demand is the most important driver for all businesses, while getting the right mix of teammates, partners and advisors is the next examination point. The final win will be decided by corporate strategy, which separates outliers from the general average market participants. We are not just tailors to your company, but also your long-term battle comrade and gym buddy.

While the entrepreneurs are entering capital markets, the following commonly seen issues caused most of the financing negotiation failures. The waste of time, energy, and emotional power can be devastating, and we are here to help entrepreneurs to navigate through those value traps and create more success for both companies and investors.

Valuation Divergence

Despite all the tools, financial models, comparables and data available today, valuation has often been a difficult discussion point between companies and investor prospects. Companies generally feel the valuation is not fully reflecting their potential and is already quite friendly and generous, while investors often consider the sellside-proposed valuation is too optimistic and aggressive.

Risky Growth Options

With limited resources, strategic experiments are typically carried out among new market opportunities, new product opportunities, recurring revenues from existing customers, and deeper penetrations into existing markets. Each business growth decision is a trade off, and how to best address capital market requests shall be built into he considerations of the ultimate growth decisions.

Cross-border Execution Challenge

International Partnership is becoming more difficult when people have to travel less, and it is becoming more important when the domestic market opportunities only offer limited upside. The simple rules of “being a good person, and only working with other good persons” always apply anywhere in the world. However, the levels of competitiveness are very different, and there is a keen request for local custom and local knowledge to truly succeed in foreign territories. Great rewards only come with calculated and controllable risks, not “unknown or uncontrolled risks”.

Digitalization Paradox

While the whole society is getting somewhat paranoid about the digitalization revolution, we clearly see there are two categories of companies who shall react to this trend quite differently. Indeed, for some tech driven companies, this is critical, inevitable, and fundamentally important. We consider the right approach o make the calculated investment, jump into it, and make the new system work as quickly as possible to gain the edge, competitiveness and valuation you would like to command. For the rest of us, it is more important to keep a clear mindset than to be stressed into an endless and risky investment in the “digitalization revolution”. It is a tool that must serve to the masters’ plan, not the other way around. Therefore it is important to ask ourselves, how we would like the AI or Tech to improve which part of our business, and which Programming Language or Tech Platform or Commercial System will best carry that job forward, and for the benefits we will receive, pragmatically speaking, how we shall budget the investments hence how to carry out this implementation.

Running a business is a never ending request of thoughts, decisions, and experiments. Our goal is to let you leverage our insights, resources, and analytical power to make the most optimized corporate decisions toward the next successes you are fighting for.

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