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For Entrepreneurs

Growth Equity

We are entrepreneurs by heart and our business is to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs to grow together. We like to learn about your vision and plan into the future successes, and can offer you with an integrated solution of advices, resources and knowledgeable capital in the format that you are motivated with. We understand that the growth equity needs are often time timing sensitive, as you will need that capital to acquire certain key assets, to hire an important senior executive, or to enter a strategic new market, and we also appreciate often time entrepreneurs are deeply swamped by day to day options, and you will need someone who are extremely trustworthy and knowledgeable to handle the process from A to Z, plus coordinating with other legal and accounting advisors. We are here to support you to fully release your company’s potential and help you siege the timely sensitive opportunities for your plan.

Full Exit or Selling 51+ % of the business

We are well experienced in advising successful entrepreneurs to crystallize the many years’ hard work and to achieve the financial success to open the next chapters in life. We are committed to preserving your legacy by balancing on long term sustainability and short term financial gains. We also noted that you care deeply about your employees and senior executives who have committed their hearts and souls into the business with you for the difficult years in the past, and we understand you like them to be well covered and considered during and after the process.

We are completely independent and are very much interest aligned with you. We operate in authentic manner, and we will protect you from falling into the trappings of the old and dry buyout games. We offer more flexibility, and the whole liquidation process is a team work and we want to ensure you are in great hands.

Alternative Financing & Debt Financing

For entrepreneurs who can not obtain AAA debt from tier one or even tier two banks, and don’t want to issue equity or cannot issue equity, we are here to help you to consider the other channels of financing from capital markets. We understand you will need short term solution to bridge over either an acquisition, or an expansion, or an asset investment, or the difficult times, and we believe you will come back with the ease of the short term liquidity solution. We are of no magician, but we understand the necessary works that can be done to A) let financiers to better understand the business and see the opportunities you are seeing; B) present your case to the network of financiers who you would probably otherwise have no access with. In Canada & U.S., there exists a very strong robust layer of capital bonanza which lies between pure equity investors and pure debt investors. Their mandates are to support special situations like yours, and the financing solutions are meant to be relatively less dilutive and relatively short term, e.g. 2-5 years.

For Investors

Financial Investors

Hawkbridge can not only help you on platform investments, but also can support you on add-on acquisitions, as well as asset divestitures. As professional investor, you have very high IRR return expectations, and have full motivation to support platform companies to grow via add-on actions in different regions or even countries. Our goal is to build the long term relationship with a carefully selected and like-minded investors who like to partner, to grow, and to win together with Hawkbridge. We will work with you to satisfy your high standards of documentations and penetrating understanding of the business, the competition, and confirming the growth strategies post-investments. We will assist you to not only work on IRR strategies but also the Exit options at your preferred terms.

Strategic Investors

Strategic buyer clients often have more considerations beyond financial returns, and whether you are looking for entering a new country or looking for the cutting-edge technology which can integrate well with your existing platform, we are ready to take the challenge together with you. The journey tends to take great stamina, industrial insights, inevitable learning process, and transactional experience to do a good work. Often time, we are called into post-transactional service, and we never hesitate to assist the integration works, by leveraging on the trust and understanding of both sides’ psychologies during the transaction process.

Family Offices

The responsibility of the family offices on per capita basis is relatively among the highest in the market. We understand the requirement and expectations of fiduciary duty on Hawkbridge’s shoulder is quite different from the professional financial or strategic investors. Also, each family offices have different styles and unique considerations. We take extra caution on selecting the work responsibilities, and only work with the investor partners who share the similar value investment philosophies and only take on the mission that we have solid confidence in completing the task as entrusted for.

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