About Hawkbridge

Our commitment to our clients and partners

We are passionate and privileged to work with talented entrepreneurs and investors on their growth plans. The ideas and action plans must come from clients directly, and our role is to analyze those plans, to provide market intelligence, and to help prioritize the opportunities. We like to partner with companies that can not only fit with our specialized knowledge, but also can provide the opportunity for us to enhance their competitiveness for the long term

We care deeply about clients’ long term success

Our enthusiasm resides in our integrated value creation approach, and it goes well beyond typical investment banking processes and protocols. We like to think from the basis that we are an organic part of our clients’ platforms, whether the necessary role being a virtual CFO, a virtual growth strategist, or a virtual Chief Revenue Officer. Our philosophy of value creation goes deeper than external business description & documentation, capital market marketing and process management, rather, we not only analyze forward on the competitive strategies with industrial insights, but also provide channel resources to fuel clients’ continued growth plan. We care deeply about clients’ long term success, and never feel shy to tell clients that we would like to contribute to that.

Cross-border focused company

The Second Element in our corporate DNA is we are a heavily cross-border focused company. Thanks to our diversified team’s background, Hawkbridge looks for the most efficient partnership creation opportunities on a global map. We speak often not only with trusted contacts in major capital center cities in Canada & U.S., but also effectively connected in Asia, Europe, South America, and other regions.

A constant pursuit of our clients’ success

The Third Element we embed in our work is this constant pursuit of NO.1 standard. We like to wake up early, and get there faster than others. We like to become the best of our breed, and would like to help clients become the NO.1 in each of their racing tracks. This burning desire pushes our evolution, and we are running our business with keen patriot love to build a stronger economy and devote our highest to our clients’ success.

Success in delivery and execution

The Fourth Element is that hardcore delivery spirit and execution determination. Inspired by Sir Ronald Amundsen, we see successful delivery and execution are more important than mere talking. We think and plan carefully before moving, but when we are ready to move, the moment is unstoppable and very disciplined. Combined with a huge emphasis on teamwork, we work like a centurion and we work for the honor of being trusted by the clients.

We feel extremely proud and fortunate to be a member of Canadian capital market community and a faithful contributor to a greater world.

How can we help?

If you would like to find out more about Hawkbridge Capital Partners or any of our services. Please don’t hesitate get in touch.

Our People

Our leadership team is agile, which means we can move swiftly to identify and pursue new opportunities in our clients’ interests.

We are also disciplined in our approach. We focus on serving key growth sectors of the economy. And we believe in developing and nurturing long term client partnerships.