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Hawkbridge Capital Partners Inc.
Suite 502, 15 Toronto Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5C 2E3

Telephone: 416.519.0679
Mobile: 647.929.6852

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We look forward to hearing from you about your business plan and interest in capital market. We function in middle market opportunities, and can discuss your need of the resources at our office or over video meetings.

To join with us

Please submit your resume and supporting documents to if you are interested in building knowledge in consumer, food e-commerce, industrial technology, business service, healthcare, AI and diversified industries. Hawkbridge is a great platform for you to explore and grow with.

To partner with us

We are dedicated to building stronger and wider business networks with investors, entrepreneurs, governmental agencies, public companies, and other consulting companies. We have a huge emphasis on teamwork both internally and externally. Our basic philosophy of building partnerships is: A) Long term consideration only, and never make decisions based on short term gains; B) Being selective and being a premium quality partner ourselves; C) Being extremely trustworthy and loyal to our partners; D) Being a solution provider and an extension of our partners’ execution capacity in our territories.

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