Bubl Technology – Sellside Advisor

Client Introduction


The Bublcam does one thing very well: describe itself – in its name, in its industrial design, and in its product. While several 360-degree “spherical” cameras were already on the market, Bubl Technology have done the best job in creating a device that’s simple to understand and use from start to finish in 2015, with a high-quality result. This device has four cameras, each pointing in a different direction to create videos and photos that are spherical in shape, fully prepared for immersive viewing online and in the new virtual reality ecosystem.

The company owns proprietary designing and engineering process for both software and hardware.

The company has been beavering away at spherical video camera gizmo for several years, kicking off a crowdfunding pitch back in 2013, and had initial success with Kickstarter.


  • Entering China market with a committed entrepreneurial partner;
  • Raise sufficient investment capital for continued product and market developments.

Our Contribution

  • Introduced the company to selected domestic and international investors.
  • Worked closely with the Client for due diligence and closed the deal within one month.
  • Worked with the company to finalize their valuation, investor presentations, and business growth plan.
  • Managed through the due diligence and communicated closely with Hangzhou for bridging the trust and solve problems.
  • Supported post-transactional integration and key human resource recruitment.


  • Closed CAN$ 4.6 CAN equity investment from Samsung Ventures, J-Tech Capital, and one Chinese entrepreneur investor.
  • Successful established China office in 2016.

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