Business Principles


Business Principle 1We are committed to the development of a healthy business environment between Canada and China. That means we will always be in pursuit of integrity before we take any action or make any decision in our business dealings. We treat our business partners and clients fairly and respectfully. With this spirit borne in mind, we are not afraid of confronting true challenges and dare to make tough decisions for long term benefits of our clients and partners.


We are in a challenging and high-end business which requires exceptional financial and industrial expertise as well as superior interpersonal skills to successfully facilitate communication and cooperation between Canada and China. Therefore we expect our employees at every position to perform at the highest standards in the industry for our clients and business partners.


Business Principle 2We work hard to help our clients and business partners win. We work to get results. Specialized knowledge, passion, courage, and skills are all important factors for successfully managing large projects. In addition, we value creativity, tenacity, responsibility and independent thinking from every member in our team. We know that we are measured on our ability to deliver exceptional performance on a continuous basis.